The Third Gathering - May, 2010

Eight units enjoyed fabulous weather and had a great weekend in Somerset.

The Second Gathering - September, 2009

This one enjoyed a sunny weekend in September.  13 units occupied a field in Gloucestershire.


The First UKAirstreamers Gathering - March, 2009

This is where it all began.

9 units took over a corner in Wiltshire and braved a barbecue in a hailstorm.



The Airstream Community gets together two or three times every year around the UK.

Here you can find details of past and future UKAirstreamers gatherings, meets and rallies.

The Sixth Gathering - September, 2011

We returned to Ludlow for the first Rockhill Rendezvous.

An amazing 38 Airstreams got together for a long weekend of fun, entertainment and shiny aluminium.


The Fourth Gathering - September, 2010

An incredible 30 Airstreams got together for a weekend near Ludlow in Shropshire. 

At the time, this was the largest gathering of Airstreams in Europe since the great “caravans” of the 50’s.

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The Fifth Gathering - May, 2011

We joined up with the people from My Cool Caravan for a great weekend with 35 units in Leicestershire.

The Euro Gathering - June, 2011

Nine Airstreams left Kent in convoy to Venlo in The Netherlands.  By the time they arrived, the number had grown to 15 in convoy, joining another 20 on the field.

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2013 Dates for your diaries..

Spring North - North Yorkshire, 10th - 12th May

Spring South - Gloucestershire, 17th - 19th May

Euro Gathering, Germany, 14th - 16th June

Rockhill Rendezvous, 12th - 16th September

The Seventh Gathering - May, 2012

18 Airstreamers found a gap in some atrocious weather to enjoy a great weekend in Dorset.

The Eighth Gathering - May, 2012

11 Airstreams gathered in Yorkshire for a gloriously sunny weekend.

The Ninth Gathering - September, 2012

A staggering 39 Airstreams graced Shropshire for the Second Rockhill Rendezvous

A very good time was had by all.